Digital Kitchen Measuring Spoon with 3 Detachable Weighing Spoons

Weighing range: 100g/0.01g 500g/0.1g
Dimensions: 189 x 138 x 47 mm
Measurement method: electronic
Power supply mode: AAA*2 (two batteries of 7th battery)
Product use: multi-function Specifications: 300g / 0.1g + three spoons, 500g /0.1g + three spoons



  • Guaranteed for the skill and quality, durable enough for your daily use
  • Fit for your kitchen and daily diet design
  • Beautiful appearance, special surface treatment Widescreen LCD display, easy to read Automatically blocks reading when data is stable
  • Low power consumption, battery indicator Low tare function
  • The scale will automatically shut down when it is in use non-conditions in order to save energy
  • Digital Scale Spoon with LCD Display Powerful battery operation with low power consumption
  • Ideal tool to weigh butter, flour, sour cream, tea, or spices while baking or baking Balance adjustment function ensures accurate measurement
  • Hold function to freeze the LCD reading Automatically turns off after 2 minutes Specifications: Maximum weight:
  • 500g / 0.1g; 300g / 0.1g

Quantity: set 1